Education at Malmö University (Sweden) – a Romanian girl’s perspective

A few days ago, a guy found me on a group called 'Romanian students living in Malmö' and he was very curious about the Swedish education and specifically in Malmö. He wanted to study a program here... how inspired he was to inform himself first. I want to write this post in order to share… Continue reading Education at Malmö University (Sweden) – a Romanian girl’s perspective


Is it worth it having a dog?

Right now, when writing this post, guess who sits in my lap trying to cuddle? Not my boyfriend, for sure haha. Instead, Max, my staffordshire bull terrier, keeps me warm. All my life, since I was a little child, I wanted a dog so much. My parents were totally against it, because they thought I… Continue reading Is it worth it having a dog?

My first AirBnb experience

Have you ever had that feeling that things will turn out bad? This actually happened to me last weekend when I booked (for my first time ever!) an airbnb apartment. I am a skeptical person and all the time I try to read and document myself on everything that I want to do. My boyfriend… Continue reading My first AirBnb experience