Is it worth it having a dog?

Right now, when writing this post, guess who sits in my lap trying to cuddle? Not my boyfriend, for sure haha. Instead, Max, my staffordshire bull terrier, keeps me warm.

All my life, since I was a little child, I wanted a dog so much. My parents were totally against it, because they thought I would not take care of it. Instead they bought me a guinea pig..what can I say, I was grateful that at least they let me have an animal. I imagined that when I will have my own place I’ll buy my own dog. Now this happened and I am the happiest person ever. Why? I can write 10 reasons for owning a dog (from my own experience):

  1. They make you forget about your daily problems when you see their happiness
  2. You become more outgoing
  3. You meet a lot of different people
  4. Better than gym!
  5. You have a lot of fun with your puppy/dog (playing together or watch him act stupid)
  6. You learn what love really is
  7. Life is never dull with them
  8. You feel more safe
  9. If you had a hectic lifestyle, owning a dog surely helps in restoring the order. For example, I used to go to bed at 3 -4am every night and now I fall asleep at 12 am, 1 am the latest
  10. You become more responsible

Of course, there are not only positive things about owning a dog and if you think about buying a puppy, you will go through a lot until you train him properly (which is not hard). Anyhow, as the puppy/dog evolves, you’ll do the same together with him.

Max is 3 months now, knows the basic training (sit, walk on leash etc) and he grows on me every single day, every single day I love him more and more.






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