Education at Malmö University (Sweden) – a Romanian girl’s perspective

A few days ago, a guy found me on a group called ‘Romanian students living in Malmö’ and he was very curious about the Swedish education and specifically in Malmö. He wanted to study a program here… how inspired he was to inform himself first.


I want to write this post in order to share my own experience at Malmö University and Sweden, so that others will think twice before applying for a program here. Why am I so negative about the University? Well, before applying here I did not do any research about the University. I really liked the programs they offered, as I am focused more on the social sciences part. So, after reading about the program called ‘International Migration and Ethnic Relations’ (IMER), I truly believed it was complex. I had high expectations and wanted to give all my best here, my 100%. 

The first day I was nervous, because I thought it will be a hard program and I could not make it till the end. However, things were exactly the opposite. We had 2-3 classes/week maximum; each class 2 hours. Professors were sitting in front of us with a paper in their hand, a powerpoint as a help, and reading. Each class was like this and still is. I was so disappointed and I really had no desire to go to classes. I could write a final exam in 3 days and get a good grade for it.

I feel like I am not even a student at an University and sometimes I get confused asking myself what I am doing here.

Perhaps, this way of study is just at my program and maybe some people will enjoy it. I am a person that wants more, that wants capable professors who know their lectures. On the other hand, this is a very interesting program and I haven’t seen it in other countries or universities. So, if you are a person that likes studying on your own, then come to Malmö University, but if you are more dedicated, it is better you think twice..sometimes I wonder how it would have been to study elsewhere.

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