Why I chose health over cigarettes

Through this blog post, I do not want to criticize my ex-fellow smokers, but I want to tell you my experience as a smoker (and maybe inspire you to quit as well) and why I chose to quit.

I have never been an ardent smoker, though I did it for a while now. I started as a teenager, as many of us do, not because of the peer pressure, but because of my curiosity. I didn’t think about the negative effects that cigarettes have on your health, I just liked those 10 minutes of sitting, smoking and contemplating on life.

It was during this time when I moved to Sweden and I had a really bad depression. I knew back then the impact of the cigarettes in one’s life, but I continued to smoke in order to harm myself somehow. That time is long gone, though the cigarettes remained a part of my life.

Before smoking, I was really active. I used to train, walk, run, do sports… and I wanted to be the same again. Every day I felt that cigarettes were taking some of my energy and vitality. After smoking I felt lazy, didn’t want to do anything with my life.

However, I knew I wanted to quit someday (like everyone does), but that should only come from one’s heart and mind. I don’t believe that you need help from professionals or medicine in order to stop smoking. I believe everything comes from us, from the inside.

Trust me, I have cravings each day to light up a cigarette, but I resist thinking that I want to live in a healthy way; and I have never been so pleased and happy with myself.

So, I believe that everyone has a choice over their life and the only person that can change something is you.




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