If life is dull…

..add some salt and pepper. These two basic spices can make the food unbelievable tasty. You can still feel all the flavours that the food gives you, but it is much more eatable.

Why am I writing this post? Some may think I went all nuts here in Sweden, while others will find this article really interesting. First of all, I love spices; food doesn’t have a meaning without them. Second of all, no one ever thinks about the usual salt and pepper. They find it unworthy to write about. Well, I want to start a little series about spices (history, health benefits) and I wanna start from the very bottom.

Salt – the only thing you put in all of your recipes..but why? Why can’t we eat our food without it? After some research I’ve made, I found out several interesting facts about salt:

  1. Its usage dates back to 6050 BC
  2. One cannot live without salt; it helps digestion, transmits nerve impulses to and from the brain and helps the cardiac muscle to function properly
  3. It was a valuable resource in the past; often used in trading
  4. The word salary comes from salt, as people were often paid in salt

I only picked the facts that I found the most interesting, but there are more to it than this. I feel now that whenever I use salt in my recipes, I am lucky, because nowadays salt is such a common good compared to the past.



Pepper – or the black gold- was also valuable in the past; well, maybe not as salt. Several facts:

  1. Dates back to 2000BC
  2. Comes from south Asia
  3. Health benefits: helps the metabolism, helps the skin, is antibacterial and antioxidant
  4. Contains manganese, vitamin K and iron

To conclude, whenever you feel down, think about the small things in life which matter the most, because without them we cannot survive. This article made me reflect on how society changed over the centuries. In the past, just having a kg of salt made one feel rich and happy. Today, it seems that happiness is hard to be achieved, because everyone wants more and more. A new car, a new house, a new job, several new laptops and phones…and now, a quote crossed my mind: “Happiness is when you are pleased with what you have” (Michal Viewegh).

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