Malmö: Ribersborg – best place to be during summertime

Am I the only one that thinks that the summer season is the shortest one? I feel like that every single year that passes by. Maybe it is also due to living in a cold country, but still. I am like Lana del Ray in summertime sadness 🙂

Anyways, this post will be more a happy reminiscence of the beautiful summer days, because here in Sweden it started getting autumny (windy and cold)  all of a sudden. Bear with me fellow Swedes, winter is coming!

However, before the last sunshine disappears, I want to tell you where is a MUST to go if visiting or living in Malmö: Ribersborg. Or in other words, the beach of Malmö City. It is located near the Västra Hamnen neighborhood (also nice to visit), the most fancy and expensive one in Malmö, and also where the symbol of the city (Turning Torso) is situated. But I will talk about things to see/do in Malmö in another blog post.


Returning to Ribersborg. I couldn’t imagine a more peaceful and wild place such as this one exists in Malmö. Before getting to the beach, you have to pass an enormous grassland, where people can do whatever activity they like. DOGS are allowed too, which is just wonderful!

Reaching the sand, you can feel its softness and see the beautiful cream color. You can breath the fresh air and take a swim. You can see groups of students, families, friends and dogs enjoying what the nature has created. You can hear different languages, see different ethnicities, everyone is having a great time.

Now I am realizing that I am pretty lucky to be so close to a place like this one, in a cold country like Sweden. Even though the water started to be colder now and the wind too, I still feel the warmness in the atmosphere. Perhaps it’s because of the people or dogs, or maybe both 🙂



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