What could dog limping mean?

It has been almost 11 months now and my little furry companion was as healthy as a horse. I never had any problems with him whatsoever… until last week when he started limping out of a sudden.

My dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and people who own the same breed know how active and crazy they are. Whenever we go outside (it doesn’t matter if it’s sunny, raining or snowing) he runs so much and fast that sometimes I wonder how large his little lungs are. Anyway, I really have an active and energetic dog. So, last week I noticed he could not use his front leg anymore and started limping. I checked his paw and there was this little rash or wound (he was licking it often) and I tried to clean it with sanitary alcohol and bandage it..but even after a couple of days nothing changed.


My last solution was to take him to the vet, which I actually did on Tuesday this week, and he told me that my little Max has an infection in his paw. Now he is on antibiotics (which I totally hate giving to him) and I can see a huge difference – he started walking and running normally again. We even went to Ribersborg today, let him run with other dogs (but just for a while, not to overdo it!) and I am so happy he is getting well.

All in all, having an active dog can make you experience these problems, as you never know what strange objects they can run on and suddenly get an infection. Anyways, he is so happy now that he can use his leg again and I am too.

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