Going home

Christmas is almost here and as i write this post I keep thinking about how grateful I am to be able to go back to my home country whenever I miss it or to celebrate such an important holiday surrounded by family and friends.

Tomorrow I’ll be sitting in a Lufthansa plane together with my fellow Romanians. Ever since I moved to Sweden (almost 5 years ago) the emotion of returning home never changed. Waiting for the boarding to start, minutes passing by like hours, hearing Romanian and being able to understand every single word makes me already taste the feeling of being home.


What is home actually? I moved so much in my life that sometimes I had the impression I would never have a stable residence. After shifting a few cities and then countries I could not attach myself to a place anymore. Until I realised home is where you can be yourself, feel that nothing can break you, where your closest and dearest people are. I have this sensation whenever I go back to Sibiu. I still see it as the most beautiful cities of all (of course, I would still pick Florence to live in haha).

Let’s escape this reverie for a moment and think about Syria. Think of the many people on the run, think of them as being the happy ones. The others that stay back will die (if they did not already) or they will escape the war with huge traumas, both physical and psychological. Think of the families that are shattered and their houses destroyed. They lost their feeling of going home…perhaps for a long time now.

My point here is, that we have to be grateful. Be grateful for everything you have, for the food you eat, the family you have, the house and most of all … for the feeling of going home.

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