Student life: sometimes unfair


Everyone of us has been a student at a point in life. It doesn’t matter if you are a 5th grader, a highschool student or university one, education can be sometimes unfair for everyone. And sometimes that unfairness we let go, thinking that we are young, students or just powerless. Here I want to point out the most important thing. If we let things go, if we treat unfairness with our eyes closed, that unfairness will perpetuate over generations.

I am now a university student in my last year and I had enough of teachers doing whatever they want with you. Obs! I am not saying all teachers are like this, I met also wonderful ones that actually helped me with my education and personal development. These teachers should take over. Not the ones having tyrannical behaviour.

Anyhow, I understand everyone has their own problems, but at least don’t bring them to class, don’t use us, the students, as your punching bag. Teachers should be kind, helpful, treat you as a person and not a robot. They should understand different situations, because they have gone through the same as students. It makes me sad to see how many students change their perception of education just because of the teachers. I myself did that.

When I applied for the course I took last semester, I thought it will be great, that I will learn a lot of new things. Of course this was not the case, because I was unlucky to meet some ‘special’ teachers. These teachers made my learning experience like a living hell. Real robots walking among us.

However I will not stay quiet. I will expose the problem, make some noise. And so should do every student that believes and has the strong feeling that they are treated unfairly by their teachers. We are not robots, we are not their punching bag. We are humans and we should fight for fairness.

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