Wake up call

Over the past few weeks I have been in a constant black hole, trying my best to escape. I blame the Swedish weather, but maybe I influenced this situation as well. It is my last semester and I need to write a good thesis, apply for Masters and know what the F I will do with my life. Perhaps everyone has gone through a similar period before. I know it will somehow sort out, but I am really impatient to see the results.

However, now comes the interesting part. I believe everything in this life happens for a reason and my path was to visit my lovely grandparents. This path has showed me how life really can be like. I am 22 now and I have known my grandparents since I was 2. I still remember how my holidays were like when I visited them as a child… And I still see them as I saw them 20 years ago. The interesting part is that I realized they are not young anymore, that they have different health problems due to old age. I realized how fast these 20 years have gone, without me even noticing it.

And now I finally escaped the black hole I was living in, because of them. They made me think about life and how fast it will end. I remember I always used to wait for something to happen, but never really appreciate every day I was living. I waited for the next holiday, the next grade, the next job and so on. Now I know I don’t have to take every day for granted and be happy for the small things that happen around me… And never waste a single day again.

PS. I think the biggest regret one can have at old age is to not have done what they wanted in life. I don’t wanna have regrets then and neither should you.



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