Who is this Brown-Haired Girl?

Hello all!

  • Who am I?

Well, the name says it all. I have brown hair, love to travel and think about life. I am still a student (studying international relations, focusing on migration), living in Sweden, though I was born in Romania. I own a dog, Max, whom I wanted all my life, but my parents opposed this desire big time.

  • Why did I choose to start a blog and why in English? 

Since I was a little child I loved writing. I remember my grandmother gave me a diary in 2000 (i was 6 back then) to start writing my thoughts and my daily experiences. I still have that diary and I added 3 others to my collection. I chose English, even though it is not my mother tongue (and sorry if I am not perfect!), because I can reach a bigger audience of people (almost everyone knows English) in this world and share my thoughts with each and every one.

  • What do I want to achieve with this blog?

I want to write on a regular basis, create maybe a small community where we can share our thoughts and experiences… and I believe that by doing so, we could help one another. Travel will be the main subject here, but I will write about life in general as well, or just my random thoughts!

Welcome to my blog and have a delightful reading!

Ps: don’t be shy to add comments to my articles and if you really liked them, share them with others!




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